Undisturbed Birthing is the concept by which Oxford based independent private midwife Lou Pouget practices. Lou offers a range of private midwife services to expectant mothers in Oxford and Gloucestershire. While childbirth can never truly be painless, Lou can teach you techniques that will allow you to focus on the amazing experience and pleasure that childbirth can bring.

Independent Midwife Oxford

Lou has been a midwife in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire for over 15 years and is now able to offer you all her experience as an independent midwife, thereby providing you with a personal service that the NHS is unable to offer. Lou will be your 'named' midwife and be able to give you continuity of care from first meeting to post birth check-ups. You will be able to contact her 24hrs a day should you need to.

Lou also offers these other services: -


HypnoBirthing® is a programme of deep relaxation, self hypnosis and education.

Infant Massage Instructor

You and your baby communicate with all senses, smell, sight, taste, hearing and especially touch.

Birth Preparation Classes

Private classes to include the birth process, breathing, massage, role of the partner, practical babycare and parenting skills.